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Storing user input should be done after all the validations (client-side and server-side), so in an Action. StrutsWizard provides a Action class named WizardAction. Each Action class of your wizard should extends WizardAction. This class has only one method which signature is below :

protected void processForm(HttpServletRequest request, ActionForm form)

This method should be called usually at the end of your Action, like this (note that nothing prevent you form calling it earlier in the method) :

public ActionForward execute(....)
super.processForm(request, form);
return mapping.findForward(....);

The first parameter is the current request object. With this parameter, the API can see form which action the call is done, so the API can know what is the input page of the form, and what is the form configuration.

The second parameter is the form itself. It can be either basic ActionForm, or DynaActionForm. As the API stores input as maps, if the form is dynamic, the DynaActionForm.getMap() is called to get the input and if the form is an ActionForm, then the Commons BeanUtils API is used to get all the input.

:: News ::

05 / 03 / 2003
version 0.7 released

04 / 29 / 2003
First release of the plugin (version 0.5)

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