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Struts Wizard

Welcome to the StrutsWizard home page.

Struts Wizard is a plugin dedicated to Struts framework (for more info on Struts, see link on the right side of the page).

The main goal of this plugin is to make easier the creation of wizards in a web application powered by Struts. By wizard, I mean a big form too large to be on a single page and thus splitted in several pages. A good example of a wizard is the installation procedure of any software, with a few windows with 'back' and 'next' buttons.

I've seen many problems on the Struts mailing list from people who got some difficulties to implement wizards with Struts. The main problem is data persistance among the wizard, because normally, the lifecycle of an ActionForm is very short (between the submission of a form and the display of the next page), so when you have to make actions at the end of the wizard, you need all the info entered by the user. An other issue is the navigation : each user should be able to go back to any step of the wizard to make updates.

As I needed wizards for my own personnal sites, I've decided to develop a piece of code which handle all those problems, and which can be reusable for any wizard of a web application.

Take a look at the features and bring me feedbacks on the project page at SourceForge.

:: News ::

05 / 03 / 2003
version 0.7 released

04 / 29 / 2003
First release of the plugin (version 0.5)

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